International Cooperation


International Cooperation

The Faculty is cooperating with the following institutions:

  1. Japan Foundation
  2. University of Havana-Cuba
  3. People’s Friendship University of Russia
  4. University of Punjab, Pakistan
  5. Confucius Institute, China
  6. University of Yunnan, China
  7. Korean Foundation,
  8. National Institute of Language (Inalko) France
  9. University of Sorbonne-Paris III
  10. Tohoku University, Japan
  11. University of Naples –Oriental Studies, Italy
  12. University of Rome, Italy
  13. Polytechnique-Milan, Italy
  14. Ramon Lull Institute
  15. University of Granada, Spain
  16. National University of Columbia
  17. University of Madrid, Spain
  18. Institute of DAAD, Germany
  19. Potsdam, Germany

Joint Programs

  1. The German Department has a joint program with the University of Potsdam.
  2. The French Department has a joint program with Paris III University of Sorbonne.

Based on the above mentioned MOU’s, the Faculty sponsors numerous students and faculty exchanges.