Vice-President, Academic


Description of duties

  • Reviewing and constant monitoring the academic situation of university and identifying academic strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities
  • Preparing and adjusting academic policies, perspectives and following up their stages of approval, communication, implementation and updating
  • Developing and suggesting, short-term, mid-term and long-term academic programs in collaboration with respective units and constant follow up to approve, implement and amend them
  • Conducting necessary studies and planning to expand the post-graduate programs of affiliated units
  • Planning to promote and have a constant improvement of academic services at the level of faculties, colleges and educational centers
  • Planning and taking necessary measures to develop and reinforce the virtual academic spaces in cooperation with the Office of Planning and Information Technology
  • Making cultural, technical and professional grounds in line with elaboration, spread and materialization of the idea of virtual teaching
  • Planning, making rules and monitoring the distribution of scholarships and academic facilities
  • Designing and establishing strategic assessment system and developing indexes of academic evaluation of university
  • Developing and presenting annual reports on academic condition of university and changes of academic indexes during a certain period by subject, field, faculty, domain and as likes to be presented to respective officials
  • Organizing and establishing assessment systems and assessment of academic performance of faculty members and students, also planning in order to reduce shortages through faculties and operational domains of university
  • Performing other duties instructed by the President of University

Contact Info.

  • Address: Vice-President, Academic, Central Administration, Beside 16 Azar st., Enghlab Ave., Tehran, Iran.
  • Tel: +98 (21) 61112635, +98 (21) 66462697
  • Fax: +98 (21) 66419746