Science and Technology Park


University of Tehran Science and Technology Park (UTSTP) was established on March 14th 2006, to support university-industry collaborations resulting in technology-based economic development and knowledge advancement. UTSTP aims to provide value-added services and financial support to make UT an entrepreneurial university. UTSTP provides services to colleges and faculties in order to turn ideas into innovative products and to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive among students and faculty members.

The park plays a key role in economic development by:

• Stimulating flow of knowledge and technology between universities and companies

• Promoting communication between companies, entrepreneurs and technicians

• Creating stimulating environments that promote innovation, creativity and quality

• Focusing on companies and research institutions, entrepreneurs and ‘knowledge workers’

• Facilitating creation of new businesses via incubation and spin-off mechanisms and accelerating the growth of small and medium-sized companies

• Competing in a global network of innovative companies and research institutions throughout the world

• Facilitating internationalization of resident companies


Contact Info.

  • Address: University of Tehran Science and Technology Park, Shahid Farshi Moghaddam Ave., North Karghar St., North Amirabad Campus, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
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