Useful Information for International Students


Around 1000 International students are studying for a degree at the University of Tehran.

  • Male: %66; Female: %34
  • Bachelor's: %7; Master's: %74; PhD's: %19
  • Countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Japan, China, Syria, Moldavia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, America, Australia, Pakistan, Netherlands, Korea, Armenia, Italy, Canada, France, Bahrain, UK, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Russia, Denmark, Senegal, Lebanon, Mexico, India, Germany, Egypt, Taiwan, Romania, Slovakia, Pakistan, Croatia, Nigeria, Oman, Serbia, Slovenia, Vietnam, Georgia, Sudan
  1. Accommodation: The University of Tehran has a furnished guest house near the main campus which is available for visiting scholars. Information about rates and availability can be obtained by sending an email to internationalatTehran.png.
  2. Foreign applicants who wish to apply for admission:
    • For admission to degree programs, applicants should send their inquiries to int.admissionsatTehran.png for the attention of the International Students Office. Detailed information is available at (admission section).
    • Admission website for majors in English:
    • For a short term: (one or two semester) stay at the University of Tehran, applicants may send their requests to the Office of International Relations at internationalatTehran.png
    • For certificate in Persian language, applicants may send their requests to icpsatTehran.png for the attention of the International Center for Persian Studies.
    • For sabbatical leave or research stay at the University of Tehran, applicants may correspond with the Office of International Relations or with the corresponding college/faculty directly.
  3. Foreign visitors who wish their visa to be arranged by the University of Tehran should correspond with the respective college/faculty/institute. They will be asked to fill out a visa form, and after confirmation, their visa will be processed with the help of the Office of International Relations.
  4. Requests for the verification of degrees issued by the University of Tehran should be addressed to the General Office of Academic Affairs (Undergraduate), or General Office of Post-Graduate Studies, located at Enghelab Avenue, 16 Azar Street (Email: acafatTehran.png).
  5. The comprehensive University of Tehran Prospectus is available at the following address in PDF format.
  6. If there is any further question, please contact Office of International Relations at internationalatTehran.png .

Further information can be obtained from the website of the University of Tehran at


The University of Tehran has several main dormitories around its campuses, the most important of which is the Kargar dormitory which hosts around 10,000 students, male and female, single and married. It is located in the North Kargar campus which consists of over 100 hectares of land in a beautiful location of the city, only a kilometer away from the various campuses while having all the facilities needed for student life. The Amirabad dorm hosts several sport centers, gyms, wrestling halls, pools, movie theaters, restaurants as well as mosques, libraries, reading rooms, IT services, student clubs and a counseling center. Medical insurance is provided for all students. Furthermore, high speed wireless internet access is available all around the Dorm, free of charge. One of the major sport complexes of the University which includes a soccer field, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, etc. is less than 500 yards from the Dorm. Around the clock free transportation is available from the Dorm to the university’s central campus. Subsidized hot meals are provided for the students, costing less than half a US dollar for all the meals of a day. Various sport matches are held in the Dorm, as well as the National Sport Matches which are held annually, in which the students of UT usually get many medals.

Currently, two new state-of-art dorms for non-Iranian students are under construction, and will be ready to accommodate more than 500 single students by September 2015.

Learning Persian Language

The world most prestigious institute for teaching Persian Language to international students is “International Center for Persian Studies” (ICPS) known as Dehkhoda. ICPS as a body of the University of Tehran, was established in 1989 by the late Professor Shahidi, the Director of Dehkhoda Institute. ICPS presents various courses of Persian language for all levels of Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced, and also courses on History of Persian Language and Literature, History of Persian Art, Classical Poetry, Classical Prose, Contemporary Poetry, Contemporary Prose, Prosody and Calligraphy. Foreign students, Iranian nationals and Iranian applicants from abroad, foreigners residing in Iran, and non-Iranian students who study at Iranian universities may apply for the programs. In the past two decades, more than 9,400 students from around the world have learned the Persian language at the Center. Furthermore, the Center is a major source for students who are completing their dissertations. The tuition fee varies from $250 to $700 per semester.

  • Persian Language Courses (3 and 5 days a week) include Elementary I , Elementary II (only for 5 days program), Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced.
  • Literature and Art Semesters include Classical Poetry, Classical Prose, Contemporary Poetry, Contemporary Prose, Prosody, Calligraphy, Hafez, Shahnameh, Golestan, Molana.

For detail information, please see the Research Center section of this Catalogue, or visit