Educational & Research Facilities


Educational & Research Facilities

• Library

The library of the Faculty is comprised of reading rooms, book section, journal section, thesis section, electronic library and the Faculty website office. It holds over 35,000 Persian and foreign books, 4,000 volumes of theses and dissertations, and 75 complete issues of journal titles in Persian, French and English. To facilitate the access of professors, students and researchers to various scientific resources, the electronic library was inaugurated in 2008 with various electronic resources including e-books (Persian and foreign), academic papers from international and Iranian journals, and Master’s and Ph.D. theses and dissertations. There are three computer labs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

• Scientific Journals

  • Journal of Rural Development
  • Iranian Journal of Social Problems
  • Journal of Sociology of Art and Literature
  • Journal of Anthropology
  • Journal of Cultural Studies
  • Journal of Muslim Thinkers
  • Journal of Global Media