Faculty Members & Research Interests


Faculty Members & Research Interests

Last Name First Name Title Research Interests Email
Abooyee Ardakani Mohammad Associate Professor Strategic management - Research Methodology in Management abooyeeatTehran.png
Agha zade Haashem Assistant Professor Market Research - International Marketing - Strategic Marketing haghazadeatTehran.png
Amiri Mojtaba Associate Professor Organizational behavior - the formulation of strategic documents and development in the country – Methodology in Management mamiryatTehran.png
Ansari Manouchehr Associate Professor Technology and Innovation - Quality and Productivity mansariatTehran.png
Asghari zadeh Ezzat-allah Associate Professor Operations Research - Statistics and Analysis asghariatTehran.png
Bahramfar Jafari Assistant Professor (Retired)   bahramfratTehran.png
Divandari Ali Associate Professor Strategic Management - Organizational Behavior - Human Resources divandariatTehran.png
Ebrahimi Kordlor Ali Assistant Professor Corporate governance-Management Accounting-Accounting information System –Profit Management EbrahimiatTehran.png
Esfidani Mohammad Rahim Assistant Professor Consumer behavior- Industrial Marketing- Business Intelligence-Electronic Marketing resfidaniatTehran.png
Falahpor Saeed Assistant Professor Risk Management - Financial modeling - Investment Management - Financial Engineering FalahporatTehran.png
Farhangi Ali-akbar Professor (Retired)   aafrhangatTehran.png
Fayazi Bibi Marjan Assistant Professor Organizational behavior - human resources - Tourism Management - Public Relations FayaziatTehran.png
Firouzian Mahmoud Associate Professor (Retired, Active)   firouzianatTehran.png
Garouspoor Nima Assistant Professor  Technology &Strategic Management mokhtarzadehatTehran.png
Gholipour Arian Associate Professor Organizational behavior - Strategic Management - Human Resource Management agholiporatTehran.png
Gholipour Rahmatollah Associate Professor Human resource management

Public policy making

Haghighi Mohammad Associate Professor Marketing –International Trade mhaghighiatTehran.png
Haji Heidari Nastaran Assistant Professor Electronic business - E-Commerce-Organizational Architecture nhheidariatTehran.png
Hasan-gholi pour Tahmoores Associate Professor Marketing-Market Research –Research Methods- Procurement Management thyasoryatTehran.png
Heidari Ali Assistant Professor management consulting- theory of competitive advantage aheidaryatTehran.png
Jafarnejad Ahmad Professor Technology Management- Industrial Management- Supply chain- Knowledge Management- Operation & Manufacture Management jafarnejadatTehran.png
Karami          Gholam reza Associate Professor Financial Accounting - Audit - Management Accounting ghkaramiatTehran.png
Karimi Dastjerdi Davood Assistant Professor (Retired) Industrial Management dkarimyatTehran.png
Kazemi Aliyeh Assistant Professor Operations research - Energy modeling - Computational intelligence aliyehkazemiatTehran.png
Keimasi Masoud Assistant Professor Marketing - Strategic management banking and financial mkeimasiatTehran.png
Mahmoodi Vahid Associate Professor Development - Economic Planning - Economic Administration - Public Finance vmahmodiatTehran.png
Manian Amir Associate Professor Philosophical Foundations of Information Systems - Theoretical Foundations of Information Systems - Information Systems Management mmanianatTehran.png
Mashayekhi Bita Associate Professor Corporate Governance –Financial Reporting Quality- Cost Accounting - Management Accounting mashaykhiatTehran.png
Mehrani kaveh Associate Professor Audit -Research Method- Management Accounting kmehraniatTehran.png
Mehrani Sasan Associate Professor Audit-Accounting smehraniatTehran.png
Mehregan Mohammad-Reza Professor Operational research - mathematical modeling - Quality control - Statistical Analysis mehreganatTehran.png
Mira Seyyed Abolghasem Assistant Professor Marketing - Research smiraatTehran.png
Moghimi Seyed Mohammad Professor Organizational behavior- Development Management – Entrepreneurship –Public Policy making moghimiatTehran.png
Mohaghar Ali Associate Professor Application of Decision Making Theory(MCDM & FMCDM) - Production & Inventory  control Planning – dynamic systems – Strategic Management – Supply Chain Management – Project Management amohagharatTehran.png
Mohammadi Shapour Associate Professor Financial Economic – Development Economic - Econometrics shmohamadatTehran.png
Momeni Mansour Associate Professor Analytical Statistic mmomeniatTehran.png
Monawarian Abbas Associate Professor Strategic Management- Investment Policy – Adaptive Management amonavaratTehran.png
Mousakhani Mohammad Associate Professor Knowledge Management mosakhani@ut.ac,ir
Nargesian  Abbas Assistant Professor Public Administration- Bureaucracy- Human Resource Management- Research Method anargesianatTehran.png
Nazari Mohsen Associate Professor Pricing, Signaling theory,Micro economics,Quality Cues mohsen.nazariatTehran.png
Nikbakht Mohammad Associate Professor Managerial Accounting mnikhbakhtatTehran.png
Niknejad Abass Assistant Professor Strategic Management- Media Management- Organizational Behavior-Media Law aniknejadatTehran.png
Nouravesh Iraj Professor (Retired)   inorvashatTehran.png
Pirannejad  Ali Assistant Professor E-Government-E democracy piranjdatTehran.png
Pourezzat Ali-Asghar Professor public policy - Research Methodology - Strategic Management pourezzatatTehran.png
Raei Reza Professor Risk management - financial engineering - capital investment - banking - Intelligent Systems rraeiatTehran.png
Razavi Seyyed Mostafa Associate Professor Entrepreneurship - strategic planning - Quantitative methods smrazaviatTehran.png
Roshandel Arbatani Taher Associate Professor Media Management - Management of organizational behavior communication - public relations and advertising - Research arbataniatTehran.png
Saadat Esfandyar Associate professor (Retired)    
Safari Hossein Associate Professor Implementation of EFQM and standards Decision hsafariatTehran.png
Salmani Davood Associate Professor Organizational behavior- Professional English Language salmaniatTehran.png
Sedghi Abbas      
Seyyed Javadin Seyyed Reza Professor Human Resources Management - Consumer Behavior - Organizational Behavior rjavadinatTehran.png
Shahhoseini Mohammad Ali Assistant Professor Management and strategic thinking - the theory of the firm and competitive advantage - human resource management - human resource systems design shahhoseiniatTehran.png
Shami Zanjani Mahdi Assistant Professor Knowledge management - project management - project management - Systems Thinking mshamiatTehran.png
Shirkavand Saeed Assistant Professor Microeconomics and macroeconomics - international economics - economic development shirkavandatTehran.png
Shojaee Manouchehr Associate Professor (Retired)   shojaieatTehran.png
Sohrabi Babak Professor Business Intelligence, Information Resource

Management, Data Management, Decision support system

Taghizadeh Mohammad Reza Assistant Professor Applications of operations research (Financial, Energy,…)- Meta-heuristic Algorithms - Statistical Analysis mrtaghizadehatTehran.png
Taleghani Gholam-Reza Associate Professor Development Management - Adaptive management - managing cooperatives ghrezaatTehran.png
Tanaomi Mohammad-mehdi Assistant Professor Human Resources Management Professional English Language mtanaomiatTehran.png
Taslimi Mohammad-saeed Professor Public policy - Islamic Management taslimiatTehran.png
Tehrani Reza Associate Professor Investment Management - Financial Management rtehraniatTehran.png
Vares Seyed Hamed Assistant Professor Islamic Management - Strategic Management varesatTehran.png
Ziaei Mohammad-Sadegh Professor Human Resources Management mziaeiatTehran.png

For further information, please email the associate dean for international affairs: iamanageatTehran.png