Vice President for Research


   Professor Mehdi Fakoorsaghieh

Faculty of New Science and Technology
Aerospace Engineering

Vice-President for Research



The Office of the Vice-President for Research plays a key role in the promotion and enhancement of research activities at UT colleges, faculties and research centers. Its main goal is to ensure that students, faculty members and postdoctoral scholars have resources they need to achieve their research objectives.


Main duties

• Supervising research activities and maintaining UT research standards

• Maximizing opportunities for applied research by faculty members and students

• Planning for the expansion of UT research activities on the basis of Scientometric analysis

• Proposing research policies, orientations and priorities

• Allocating research resources

• Supervising activities of Central Library and Documentation Center

• Supervising activities of UT press

• Directing development and maintenance of books, periodicals, records and other library materials


Office of the Vice-President for Research

Central Campus, University of Tehran

16 Azar St., Enghelab Ave.

Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 (21) 66400059

Fax: +98 (21) 66491399

Email: research [@]