UT students of Korean language produce an artistic work

19 June 2021 | 11:13 Code : 17607 Events

The students of Korean language at Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures in University of Tehran have produced an artistic calendar which holds images and poems in Korean language. The theme of painting is " Seasons of the Year" The paintings are comprised of Korean poems associated with students ' calligraphy works. "The work has been published in association with the Cultural Section of Korean embassy.  Korean language is presented as the second language at UT.

The name-list of the students who contributed in the production of this artistic works :

Ms. Darya Chehrehazad, Ms.  Maryam Sadat Hosseini, Ms.  Behnaz Soleimani, Ms.  Samaneh Rezaei, Ms.  Atiyeh Aghamiri, Ms. Zahra Rahbar, Ms.  Farnaz Jafari, Ms. Fatemeh Mahdi, Ms. Fatemeh Sarkhil , Ms. Haniyeh Babaei, Ms. Sara Mohebi, Ms. Sajedeh Mohammadi , Mr. Seyed Mohamamd Mehdi Hosseini Maram, Mr. Iman Ghasemi  

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