UT.TUMS International Festival 2022-3


UT - TUMS International Festival 2022-3


The 12th international festival of Tehran University (2022-3)

As the 12th edition of University of Tehran and   Tehran University of Medical Sciences International Festival will be held in 2023, the attached forms and instructions for participating in this festival are presented  for  the kind attention of the interested faculty members, students and staff:

 Form 1: international activities of academic staff

Form 2: international activities of students

Form 3: International activities of faculties

Form 4: The international activities advisors to the dean for International Affairs

Form 5: International activities of other university activists

Scoring guidelines for applicants to participate in the 2022-3 International Festival

The stages and important dates of the festival are as follows:

The maximum allowed time period


23 Sep.

Public call by the Office of Vice President for International Affairs 

23 Oct. Until

Receiving, completing, controlling and confirming documents by the faculties

Until 6 Nov.

Reviewing and approving in the board of  faculties

22 Dec.

Screening the documents  in specialized commissions of the university

21 Jan.

Screening in the International Council of the University and selection


Documents of UT International Festival nominees evaluated by the specialized commissions members

From January 1 to January 4, 2023, the specialized commissions of the International Festival were formed with the participation of faculty members and representatives of University of Tehran faculties at the place of the Office of Vice-President for International Affairs of the University, and the attendees evaluated the documents of the participants in the festival. The names of the selected candidates will be presented to the UT International Council for final approval.